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Fertile Window

Sometimes referred to as "Fertility Awareness" or "Natural Family Planning", fertility charting is based on the understanding that we can identify the fertile window- the days when conception is possible- by observing our natural fertility signals.

In each cycle there are just a few days that make up the fertile window.

Fertility charting with Fertility Friend thus involves observing and recording your fertility signs so that you can easily see your daily fertility status and identify your most fertile time. It is highly effective because your body provides clues (fertility signs) that tell you about your fertility status throughout your cycle.

A few minutes daily: Fertility Friend is extremely accurate. Based on your observations (it only takes a few minutes each day) Fertility Friend analyzes your data and provides you with an accurate interpretation of your fertility signs:

To learn more join Fertility Friend now. Fertility Friend provides easy to follow educational videos as well as more in-depth resources to help you understand your body signals. Benefit from the wealth of information that your fertility signs provides!

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Hormonal Profile

Your fertility is driven by your hormones. The image above shows you the relationship between your ovulation and period and a typical hormonal profile.

Fertility Friend helps you relate your observation of external fertility signs (such as Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Cervical Fluid) to your hormonal profile to determine precisely your fertile window.

Your observations are collected on a Fertility Chart (also called a BBT Chart although it includes more data than just your BBT) that Fertility Friend annotates with its analysis of your data. This chart becomes a dashboard of your current fertility status. It helps you both understand your cycle and predict your future cycle by comparing your very own patterns. Fertility Friend provides both tools and education for you to explore and understand your fertility signals:

For more in-depth information check our free Fertility Charting Course and eBook within the App (Tap More/Education). We will accompany you every step of the way.

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Compare & Explore Your Data

Have you ever wondered if your situation is similar to others and what was their outcome?

FertilityFriend.com's Charts Like Mine is a sophisticated tool that allows you to compare your own data to the community. Browse charts resembling yours according to criteria that you select. Check the pregnancy stats of your selection.

Do you wonder if this cycle is similar to your last cycle or one where you got pregnant?

Fertility Friend offers tools such as the Chart Overlay to allow you to visually compare your data to previous cycles and see patterns and outliers.

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Chart gallery: Search + charts and view pregnancy stats. Search for your signs and symptoms. Select charts according to your situation: Chart Gallery Details...

OPK & Pregnancy Test Gallery: Check + test photos and view stats by test brands. Find out how early you can test. Find out what a positive test looks like: HPT/OPK Test Photo Gallery Details...

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In-Depth Analysis of Your Fertility Data

The Pregnancy Monitor scrutinizes your data for early signs of pregnancy and displays a summary of its findings:

  • A reliable test date.

  • An analysis of your intercourse timing.

  • A statistical analysis of your signs against our extensive database.

  • A triphasic pattern detector.

  • An analysis of luteal phase spotting.

  • Data on pregnancy testing from our test database.

  • A more accurate due date taking your cycle characteristics into account.

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The Detailed Interpretation looks at your data sign by sign.

It alerts you of inconsistencies or situations that require your attention.

In addition it displays ovulation detection reports and suggestions to improve your ovulation detection.

The Fertility Analyzer displays an easy to read traffic light to indicate the best time to conceive.

More advanced tools let you drill down your data and find patterns and odd situations that require your attention.

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FertilityFriend.com Community

Join a vibrant community of adult women to share and support each other. You are not alone.

Browse and search a large gallery of real life chart. 150,000+ charts contributed by members to compare your cycles to and get stats.

Find inspirational trying to conceive stories. Thousands of stories tagged and indexed to uncover stories that resonate with your situation.

Pregnancy test result archive with brand search and stats.

Fertility Friend's community by the numbers:

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FertilityFriend.com Privacy & Clarity

No ads or product placements: You will not be bombarded by ads. Your usage will not be shared with advertisers. We will not recommend any specific products or try to refer you to any service or professional in order to fund our business.

No data brokers or other type of data trade (referrals, etc). Fertility Friend does not consider your data for sale or trade in any way. Your data is not a currency at Fertility Friend.

Clear funding: Fertility Friend is totally funded by its premium features membership. This means independence and impartiality. You are Fertility Friend's customer and our loyalty is to YOU. If you do not know how a "totally free" App/Service is funded, or if you know it is funded with ads, referrals, or your data, you are likely the product that is sold, not the customer.

Health Data: Your health data is like a finger print. Even if "anonymized" it has the potential to identify you when cross referenced with other data. We do not engage in any data trade or referral for this reason.

Privacy is our focus. We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of your data. We have privacy-aware procedures and a clear and ethical business model.

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FertilityFriend.com Trusted & Accurate

Track your own fertility signs with Fertility Friend. It is the only way to know your real fertile days and ovulation date unique to YOU.

Fertility Friend takes all your data entry into account to find out your fertile days based on your own patterns.

As you enter data, Fertility Friend finds the signs of your ovulation and your most fertile days.

Once you have ovulated, Fertility Friend can assess your data for any signs of pregnancy.

Fertility Friend will suggest the best test date to minimize your wait and help to avoid ambiguity and disappointment by testing too early.

Fertility Friend accurately interprets your signs to create your custom chart and calendar.

Look at your cycle at a glance on a color coded calendar: Instantly see your fertile days and predicted periods.

Fertility Friend's fertility chart is an extremely compact way to look at all your signs as well as Fertility Friend's interpretation. You can clearly see your ovulation and fertile window. You can see your timing and how your different signs come together.

Ultra-Precise and reliable to help you get pregnant faster.

By focusing your baby making effort on your actual fertile days you can dramatically increase your chance of pregnancy.

Documenting your trying to concieve journey helps to evaluate potential issues and collaboration with your healthcare provider if needed.

The trusted way to find your fertile days:

  • 20+ years experience
  • 1M+ pregnancies

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FertilityFriend.com is Empowering

Your fertility cycle shouldn't be a mystery. Fertility Friend teaches you about your body's reproductive functions and fertility charting. You can start by our short videos and learn the basics in 10 minutes or get a deeper understanding via Fertility Friend's popular self-paced fertility charting course.

Fertility Friend makes it fun and easy to learn what wasn't taught in your high school health class!

Designed by education professionals, Fertility Friend's educational material clearly explains your body's fertility signals and how to interpret them to increase your conception chances.

You have access to a database of Q&As, simple videos and an optional online course. A wealth of knowledge is literally at your fingertips.

Should you need more information, you can refer to Fertility Friend's detailed eBook with 80+ commented charts.

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