FertilityFriend.com’s Chart Gallery

FertlityFriend.com's Chart Gallery

FertilityFriend.com’s Chart Gallery is a unique tool to explore fertility chart patterns and compare your own patterns to the community. It is also a great way to search for specific conditions and situations (such as PCOS, Endometriosis…)

Extensive keyword and tag system

When charts are submitted to the gallery by a community member, keywords are selected to better define the context beyond the data recorded on the chart itself. For example, the poster may enter their age or the number of months trying. The keyword system can also be used to specify situations that may be important to understand the context of the chart. You can select between a large selection of keywords.

Sophisticated Search Capabilities

FertilityFriend.com’s chart gallery provides a very detailed search capability. You can not only search by type of charts but also by age range, month trying range, specific symptoms and conditions.

In addition, FertilityFriend.com Charts Like Mine feature allows you to search for charts that precisely resemble yours. This is a really powerful tool when exploring specific patterns and situations.


For each search result FertilityFriend.com’s chart gallery displays a simple bar graph showing you the distribution of the matching charts according to the chart categories (pregnancy charts, ovulatory charts, miscarriage charts and anovulatory charts).

Overlay to your charts

You can easily overlay your own chart to any chart gallery chart. You can then visually compare your own pattern to any community chart and see similarities and differences.


To access the Chart Gallery, login to the App (On the web or on your smartphone) and tap “More menu/Community/Chart Gallery”. To use the Charts Like mine feature, tap the Charts Like Mine button located above your chart graphic.

FertlityFriend.com's Chart Gallery

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